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In September 2013, Barre Bee Fit made the pages of Crain’s Chicago Business, highlighted for continuing local and national business success.

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In October 2013, SELF Fitness Editor Marissa Stephenson visited the Barre Bee Fit Chicago studios and featured the full BBF lights-and-music experience in a blog post.

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Forbes highlighted Barre Bee Fit and the rapidly growing franchising program when covering new workout trends in October 2013.

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Good Day Chicago (FOX 32)

In July 2013, BBF co-founder Jillian Lorenz joined the Good Day Chicago Chat Room to share her expertise and personal experience with post-baby fitness, health, and wellness.

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SELF Magazine

In February 2013, SELF brought Barre Bee Fit back into the national spotlight, featuring an at-home cardio workout from co-founders Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin based on the one-of-a-kind Barre Brawl class.

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190 North (ABC7)

Barre Bee Fit’s rooftop workouts at Hotel Palomar made the screen on the ABC7 show 190 North, featured as one of the best outdoor workouts Chicago has to offer.


Chicago Traveler

Barre Bee Fit was chosen by for an Editor’s Choice Award!

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USA Today

BBF partner Hotel Palomar made USA Today’s list of best-reviewed Chicago hotels in March 2013, with the amazing rooftop Barre Bee Fit classes highlighted as one of the hotel’s many attractions.

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BBF reached international eyes when I FORM, the leading Danish women’s health and fitness publication, showcased Barre Brawl as one of the 10 hottest fitness trends in the world in February 2013.


TimeOut Chicago

Barre Bee Fit has been featured in TimeOut Chicago magazine for its summer rooftop barre classes held at the Hotel Palomar.


lululemon athletica

Co-founders Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz currently serve as lululemon athletica ambassadors, an honor given to individuals who have achieved notable success in the fitness community.

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CS Magazine

Barre Bee Fit has received numerous mentions in CS Magazine, recently receiving a nod as being one of the biggest players in Chicago when it comes to boutique fitness concepts in the article “Boutique Bods“ found in the January 2013 issue.

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Cheeky Chicago

In July 2010, Cheeky Chicago said about Barre Bee Fit… “The girls have combined all the good stuff from other workouts like yoga, dance and Pilates and sprinkled in blasts of cardio to give you an efficient and effective workout.”

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CS Brides

CS Brides called out Barre Bee Fit as a great workout for brides all over the city looking to tone up for their big day.

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Vital Juice

Vital Juice has featured BBF’s innovative classes on several occasions, the most recent being this feature on Barre Brawl, “a workout that packs a one-two punch.”