Barre Bee

The original Barre Bee Fit class is a 60-minute full-body workout, targeting the arms, abdominals, thighs, and glutes.  The class is comprised of isometric holds, heavy repetition, and deep stretching in order to shape and lengthen muscles. Different props are used in each class to aid in resistance and stretching. Barre Bee emphasizes working the muscles to fatigue to develop muscle stamina and endurance, while incorporating cardio blasts and deep stretching to ensure you get a complete and well-rounded workout.

Barre Xpress

This condensed version of the Barre Bee class packs a lot of power into 45 minutes, giving you the opportunity to get in an intense workout and get back to your busy day.

Barre Burn

Barre Burn is a 60-minute, full-body workout held in a room heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to our Barre Bee class, Barre Burn consists of intense sections focused on strengthening the arms, abdominals, thighs, and glutes. The heat aids in detoxifying the body and warming the muscles to deepen stretching and focus on the lengthening of muscle mass.

Barre Brawl®

Barre Brawl® is a 60-minute class, combining intense cardio kickboxing sequences with strengthening work focusing on abdominals, thighs, and glutes.  Our Barre Brawl class was recently recognized by SELF Magazine as one of the best workout classes in the nation. You’ll have the option of wearing wrist weights during the class for an added challenge.

Barre-dio Interval

Barre-dio Interval™ is a 45-minute Tabata-style class which incorporates principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a pure cardiovascular conditioning workout, with 12 exercises done at intense spurts and brief active recovery periods in between. Barre-dio Interval not only spikes the metabolism, but it also creates an afterburn effect that keeps you scorching calories throughout the day.

Barre-dio Barre

Barre-dio Barre™ is 60-minute class consisting of a choreographed sequence of cardio moves interspersed with three segments of strength training for the arms, abs, and glutes. The cardio sequences are designed to maximize calorie burn and fun. Be prepared to sweat and strengthen in this two-for-one class.

Interval Barre

This 60-minute workout consists of two sections of toning bookended by two sets of high-intensity cardio intervals, combining the best of Barre-dio Interval and the toning work in Barre Bee. This class is designed to spike the heart rate, increase stamina, and strengthen muscles.

Baryasa® Stretch

Baryasa® Stretch is Barre Bee Fit’s version of vinyasa yoga, and is designed to tone, strengthen, and restore.  This 60-minute class consists of a series of vinyasa flows, poses, and static holds that strengthen and elongate muscles. The added focus on breathing and movement enhances the mind-body connection.  Baryasa® Stretch takes place in a heated room to enable deeper stretching of the muscles and detoxification of the body.